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蚊 Mosquito_pattern
蚊 Mosquito_pattern


Common types of Mosquito
蚊 Mosquito

The Ecology & Behaviour

● Culex pipens pallens and aedes albopictus (aedine mosquito) are commonly found

    species. Constantly found in balcony and outdoor area

● Mosquitoes lay eggs in humid areas with water, it varies for different species; some

    prefer clean water, some dirty water, some spacious areas, some empty bins, or

 cans, or even areas with only a little water

The Impact

● Female mosquitoes need blood-feeding to develop eggs. They secrete saliva to

    prevent blood clotting during blood feeding. The saliva causes allergies and

● The most frightening damage brought by mosquito bites, is that some carry

    infectious diseases. Japanese encephalitis is a widely known infectious disease

    carried by mosquitoes.

● Other diseases include: filaria on pets, malaria, dengue fever and West Nile fever

Culex Pipiens Pallens

Aedes Albopictus 

Culex Pipiens Molestus

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